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How much SPF do I need?

SPF or Sun Protection Factor only measures protection from exposure to UVB radiation. UVB radiation is highest around noon and generally much less during cloudy days and in the shade. UVB rays don’t penetrate glass windows.

Sun protection science continues to evolve and we must keep a watch on new information as it becomes available. So how much SPF do you really need? Our recommendation for daily use would be to choose a sunscreen of moderately high UVB protection like SPF30 and ensure it has a high UVA (PA) rating.

In case you are likely to be exposed to bright midday sunlight, say an afternoon on the beach, you could look for an SPF 50 but it is vitally important not to compromise on UVA protection.

Want to know more? We break the facts about SPF down even further in our blog on simplifying SPF truths.

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