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Does Sandalwood Have Anti-Ageing Properties?

As skin ages, it naturally produces cortisol, which increases inflammation of the skin tissue. Sandalwood is reported to block the activity of crucial inflammatory enzymes while stimulating the activity of a deactivating enzyme.

Collagen is a major protein in the skin connective tissue, essential for maintaining the shape and texture of the skin. Antioxidant proteins help to protect collagen from oxidation – a major cause of wrinkles and lack of skin firmness. Sandalwood is believed to ‘supercharge’ the production of proteins that stop the oxidation process and reverse associated damage.

Dark spots and pigmentation or sunspots are other major signs of ageing skin caused by an overproduction of melanin. Sandalwood reportedly inhibits the major enzymes producing melanin, reducing discolouration and brightening the skin.

To know how else sandalwood can benefit your skin, read our blog where we outline 5 reasons why sandalwood is good for you.

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