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Physical Vs Chemical Sunscreen

Tl;dr: YES! 

There are broadly two types of sunscreens - chemical and physical. Earlier, the recommendation was to reapply only the sunscreens that used chemical UV filters. But today, dermatologists recommend reapplication of physical sunscreens too. In this blog, we will understand the need for reapplication:

Chemical sunscreens contain ingredients that work by absorbing harmful UV rays from the sun, which can eventually break down and become less effective over time. Therefore, it is important to reapply chemical sunscreens regularly, especially after activities that cause sweating, swimming, or towel-drying, which can remove the product from your skin. Also, the amount of sunscreen you initially apply may not provide the same level of protection over time, as it can wear off or be wiped away. 

Physical sunscreens, which work by reflecting harmful UV rays away from the skin, also require regular reapplication. While they are generally more resistant to water and sweat than chemical sunscreens, they can still be removed by activities such as swimming or towel-drying. Additionally, physical sunscreens can rub off or become less effective over time due to contact with clothing or other surfaces. 

So the best practice is to re-apply every 2 hours of sun exposure to make sure you are adequately protected

By reapplying physical or chemical sunscreen every two hours or as directed by the manufacturer, you can ensure that your skin is continuously protected from the sun's harmful rays and reduce the risk of sun damage or skin cancer.

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