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The Difference Between Sandalwood Oil and Sandalwood Powder. Which Is Better?

What’s the difference between sandalwood oil and powder and which sandalwood is best for your skin?

They are basically two forms of the same ingredient. Sandalwood powder is made by first cutting sandalwood into chips and then using a grinding or milling process to reduce the chips to a powder. For Sandiva, we use a slow milling process to grind sandalwood at close to room temperature. This is the most natural form of sandalwood we can obtain.

Sandalwood oil is manufactured by putting sandalwood powder through a distillation process. This concentrates the oil present in the sandalwood via steam extraction. The advantage is that it produces a concentrated form of sandalwood which can easily be incorporated into various products. The disadvantage is that it needs to go through a heat process which might alter some of its constituents.

To trace the history of sandalwood and its use in skincare, read our blog on the role of sandalwood in Indian skincare.

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