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The role of Sandalwood in Indian skincare

The role of sandalwood in Indian skincare can be traced to Ayurvedic texts. In the 6th century, Varahamihira, an ancient Hindu astronomer and polymath, wrote a famous encyclopaedic text called Brihat Samhita where he recorded 1,820 cosmetic formulations containing sandalwood.

Sandalwood is time-tested in Ayurveda for its pitta reducing quality, cooling, and soothing the skin. According to Ayurveda, skin discolouration is an indication of excessive pitta dosha, and sandalwood is recommended as one of the treatments. A favourite Grandmother’s remedy for acne is the application of pure sandalwood paste on the face overnight. Sandalwood is also used as a face mask to even out skin tone and brighten the face.

Over the years, sandalwood has been popularly used in two forms - powder and oil. To know which form is best suited for your skin, read our blog on the topic.

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