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Tinted Sunscreen

Navigating through base make up can be tricky, especially when most of the products in this category seem similar. But don't be misguided, here we break down the difference between Tinted sunscreen, BB cream and Foundation so that your shopping experience can be less confusing.

Tinted Sunscreen

It is literally a sunscreen with a tint! The sunscreen shields the skin from harmful UV rays while the tint gives you light coverage for even skin tone. This multifaceted product combines sun protection, skincare and light coverage in a single step. Unlike other sunscreens it leaves no white cast. Best suited for those who like the no makeup, makeup look!

BB Cream

BB cream, short for "Blemish Balm" or "Beauty Balm", is meant to cover blemishes. The coverage is generally lighter than a traditional foundation, therefore giving your skin a more natural and smooth finish. They also provide a whole lot of skincare benefits ranging from hydration to sun protection making them the ultimate makeup multitaskers! This is the perfect choice for those who desire a product that combines skincare benefits with light coverage.


Foundation is your basic makeup essential that serves as a building block to the perfect makeup look. It is designed to create a smooth and even base on the skin - helps even out skin tone and conceals imperfections, giving you coverage and enhanced complexion. Whether you want a natural radiant glow or a matte finish full coverage, foundation is your go to product for looking flawless!

Which one should you choose?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right product - 

  1. Coverage: 

    Tinted sunscreen is a great option if you want minimal coverage along with sun protection. It primarily focuses on sun protection with a subtle tint giving you a natural supple finish.
  2. Skincare benefits: 

    BB cream is for you if you desire a product that combines skincare benefits with light coverage. It provides hydration, nourishment and other such skincare benefits along with a tinted coverage for that effortless look!
  3. Makeup Versatility: 

    Foundation is ideal for customisable coverage and if you want to create a flawless canvas for your makeup.
  4. Sun protection: 

    If sun protection is your priority then choose a tinted mineral sunscreen - Sandiva skincare's One & Done Tinted Sunblock is a tinted physical sunscreen with lightweight mousse like texture that provides exceptional protection against UVA and UVB sun damage. 

Our tinted mineral sunscreen is formulated with Zinc Oxide, it creates a physical shield that acts as a barrier against harmful rays. With the highest PA rating of PA++++, it effectively combats UVA rays to minimise the appearance of ageing signs caused by sun exposure. Keeping in mind the struggle of white cast - we have come up with a tinted sunscreen which is available in four different shades, carefully selected to blend seamlessly with various Indian skin tones. Achieve a satin-matte finish that leaves your skin feeling smooth, radiant, and protected all day long.

Enriched with soothing Sandalwood, our tinted mineral sunscreen also helps calm inflammation caused by sun exposure. It is a broad-spectrum protection provided by our physical sunscreen, making it an excellent choice for your sun protection needs.

It's important to note that while our products offer tinted coverage, they are not intended to replace concealers or foundations. Our focus is on providing high-quality sun protection with the added benefit of a tint that enhances your natural complexion. Experience the difference with Sandiva, where you can enjoy effective sun protection without compromising on a flawless, natural look.

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