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What Are the Benefits of Tinted Sunscreen?

Tinted sunscreens usually contain Iron Oxides which are the pigments that add the natural tint. The obvious benefit of this is that the white-cast that is usually present in mineral sunscreens is neutralised, and the product blends into your skin.
There is another lesser-known but more important benefit to choosing a tinted sunscreen without white-cast.

The addition of iron oxide to sunscreens also broadens the UV protection of mineral sunscreen agents in the UVA and visible spectrum. The combination of Iron Oxides and Zinc oxide is shown to have a synergistic effect, and this combination offers additional protection from blue and visible light.

Blue light is a high energy light close to the UV spectrum but in the visible spectrum of light, also referred to as high energy visible (HEV) light. Light emitted by laptops, televisions and mobile phone screens also tends to fall into this spectrum.

The effect of blue light on skin ageing is still being studied. A few early studies show that light in the visible spectrum also contributes to free radical-induced skin damage. Although UVA and UVB are the primary offenders, it doesn’t hurt to protect against their blue cousin while you’re at it.

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