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What’s the Order of Application – Serum, Sunscreen, Moisturiser, Foundation

A serum usually has one or multiple active ingredients that need to penetrate your skin to work. These should be applied first

A moisturiser goes on right after cleansing or after a serum if you’re using one. The moisturiser also gets absorbed into your skin.

A chemical sunscreen should be applied early in your routine, definitely before any makeup. A physical sunscreen should go on at the end of your routine. It will sit on top of your skin and scatter UV rays.

Foundation can be used just before your physical sunscreen or after. If you are using foundation on top of your sunscreen, make sure to apply in a gentle manner so as to not disrupt your layer of sunscreen. You could always finish off with Sandiva loose powder to top up your sun protection.

One key step in the process is sunscreen reapplication. Read our blog on the topic to know more.

If you’re considering using a tinted sunblock instead of foundation, read our blog on the topic to know why it’s not the best idea.

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