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They say that the best protection against the sun is a physical barrier, aka clothing. The second best choice is a physical sunscreen that forms an actual physical barrier on top of the skin for effective protection.

That is how the Sandiva One & Done Sunblock works..

It is a physical sunscreen that uses Zinc Oxide to form a physical shield on top of your skin to provide continued protection until it is wiped or washed away. It has the highest PA rating of PA++++, that provides maximum protection against UVA rays, reducing the appearance of signs of aging caused by them.

While this sounds perfect, nobody likes the white cast that most physical sunscreens leave - and that’s where the sandalwood and the choice of tints come. Our sunblock is available in 4 different shades that blend with most Indian skin tones. This tint gets rid of the white cast by giving a satin-matte finish, and leaves your face feeling smooth and radiant all through the day.

Sandiva's In Vitro Test Results

Using clean hands, take a coin-sized dollop of the product and apply it over the face and neck. Massage with fingers until it blends uniformly onto the skin.

Best used as an everyday sunblock for all-day sun protection and a lightweight, sheer coverage foundation for a silky-matte effect. For on-the-go re-application use our SPF Top Up Loose Powder, available in complimentary shades.

The ingredients are carefully chosen as they play a very important role in protecting and caring for your precious skin:

Sandalwood dust - Anti-bacterial, gentle on skin, protects skin from environmental & sun damage, soothes skin inflammation

Zinc Oxide - Acts as a physical shield, blocks both UVA and UVB rays from penetrating your skin. As it doesn’t absorb deeply, it is suitable for sensitive skin as it’s less likely to cause irritation like other chemical filters. It is completely photostable and resistant to water - so it won’t break down when exposed to the sun and will hold up through sweat and activities such as swimming for much longer. It's completely safe, even for babies!

Iron oxides - shade + enhanced protection against blue light such as screens & indoor lights

Full Ingredients List
  1. Does the Sunblock need to be reapplied multiple times a day?

    Since this is a physical sunscreen, it does not require repeated touch up. However, if your daily activities could cause it to be wiped off from your skin, we recommend you reapply it right before continued exposure to direct sunlight. You could also choose to retouch your sunscreen easily with our SPF Top Up Powder.

  2. Can it be worn under makeup?

    Yes, the One and Done Tinted Sunblock provides sheer coverage that smoothes out fine lines on the face, making it a great base to layer your makeup on.

  3. Should it be worn with moisturiser?

    This sunblock is designed to provide a hydrating satin-matte finish. Formulated with moisturizing agents, you will not need to layer on any other product before this unless you have extremely dry skin.

  4. Does it work like a bb cream and cover blemishes too?

    The One and Done Tinted sunblock can be used as a BB cream or a light foundation.

  5. Does this sunscreen cause pilling?

    We have carefully formulated this product to have the perfect ratio of sandalwood powder and hydrating, non comedogenic oils to completely eliminate pilling.

  6. How water/ sweat resistant is the product?

    This sunblock is highly water & sweat resistant.

  7. Is our sunscreen reef safe?

    Sandiva does not contain any of the sunscreen chemicals officially listed as harmful to reefs.

  8. UVA, UVB PA, SPF & Broad Spectrum- What do these terms mean?

    • PA is the ranking system established in Japan that tells users the level of protection a product gives against UVA rays. They usually range from PA+ to PA++++.
    • SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, which is an indicator of the protection a product provides against UVB rays.
    • Sunscreens that protect users from both UVA and UVB rays are termed Broad Spectrum.
  9. Is it safe for sensitive skin?

    Physical sunblocks are extremely safe for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin as no chemicals get absorbed into the skin. with the goodness of sandalwood, we have carefully formulated our sunblock to suit sensitive acne prone skin.

  10. What is the % of active physical filters in the sunblock?

    The One and Done Tinted Sunblock has 24% active physical filters. It also has star ingredients such as sandalwood and iron oxides, which together also protect your skin from blue light emitted from your computer and phone screens.

  11. Is this product safe for lactating mothers?

    All of our ingredients are safe for lactating mothers. However, we would encourage you to check with your doctor before using our products.












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