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Do You Really Need To Keep Reapplying Sunscreen Throughout the Day?

We frequently read recommendations to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours. This recommendation was formulated when most sunscreens used chemical UV filters that break down and reduce protection over time.

So what about physical sunscreens like Zinc Oxide? How often do you have to reapply your SPF?

Physical sunscreens work by reflecting and scattering UV rays. They don’t destabilise and break down like chemical sunscreens. However, as we go about our day we inadvertently chip away at our sunscreen armour. Touching your face, wiping your mouth, blowing your nose, brushing your hair away from your eyes, sweating, touching up your make-up and other such activities constantly open up holes in our sun protection.

So bottom line, do you really need to reapply sunscreen all day? We recommend that the best practice is to re-apply every 2 hours of sun exposure to make sure you are adequately protected.

If you’re someone who works out outdoors and wants to know how to reapply sunscreen, read our blog on the topic.

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