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What Comes First – Foundation or Sunscreen?

How do you layer your sunscreen with makeup products? Do you wear your SPF before your makeup or after your makeup? The order of application is different for chemical and physical sunscreens. A chemical sunscreen should be applied first or as near the start of the routine as possible.

A physical sunscreen sits on top of your skin and reflects and scatters UV rays. Therefore it should be applied near the end of your routine.

Ideally, a physical sunscreen should be applied after your foundation. However if this doesn’t give you the desired effect, foundation can be applied on top of your physical sunscreen but you would need to take care to apply with more of a spreading action. Any product that requires to be worked or rubbed into your skin could disrupt the sunscreen layer. To be safe, finish off with Sandiva SPF Top Powder to reinforce your sun protection.

Remember that tinted sunscreens are not meant to replace your foundation or bb cream. To know more about this, read our blog on the topic.

To know more about how to layer your sunscreen with the other products in your AM routine, read this blog where we break it down for you!

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